The Ceremony

The venerable monk Ngim Phan Saosamkhan invited us to his village in the Kampong Cham province in Combodia. He had organised a three day buddhist ceremony to inaugurate a much needed bridge he had commissioned for this rural community. He had invited 777 monks and many other guests from all over the country. During the ceremony he generously provided food for the monks, the guests and all the community. In his village there was a field which had once  been a sacred place, where people had gathered to learn and pray, but due to horrendous and painful events that had taken place during Combodia's extremely sad history, it had become a place believed to be haunted. During the ceremony a Bodhi tree was  to be planted, as one had once thrived there. The aim was to make this field once again a place for peace and community. The Bodhi tree can be translated as 'wisdom-tree', it symbolises liberation and enlightenment, as It was under a Bodhi tree that Siddhartha became Buddha. These photos are  moments captured around this  beautiful ceremony and the replanting of the Bodhi tree for reconciliation and to remember the buddha's precious teachings.