About Chloé Félix:

Photo by Chris Zvitkovits

Photographer and community artist, Chloé Félix grew up in Switzerland, Australia and India. She mostly works in those parts of the world, currently she is based in Switzerland. She is a passionate traveller, and is always eager to discover new places, near and far away. She graduated from RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) with a degree in Media Arts. 


Chloé enjoys most to photograph people and aspires to reflect visually their dreams and/or realities. Amongst many other things, she loves to listen to stories under trees, walking in the mountains, swimming with bioluminescent phytoplankton  and star gazing in the desert... 

Chloé has been awarded prizes and grants for her photographic and community work. She has also participated in collective and solo exhibitions. 


Chloé also works as an art facilitator. She enjoys to share her skills and passion and often instigates workshops or events, where the purpose is to create moments of creative exchange, to bring people together, and to generate reflection. She has been working since many years with refugees and people who have a migration background. She is the co-founder and photographer of the collective Stories from Home and Here.








Varanasi, India


Kampong cham, Cambodia


The Bodhi, the Banyan, and other stories



The Lotus

The Ceremony



Glimpses of time 

Nepal and India




The Pilgrimage

Angkor wat impressions

More coming very soon...

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